Smehrsoft is a software consulting and development company. I have recently published following apps for iPhone/IPad and macOS.

iOS (iPhone & iPad) Apps

Moon Phase & Sun Rise/Set

iHoroscope Vedic

macOS App

mHoroscope Vedic for macOS

Any suggestion or comment, you may contact me at satmehrotra@gmail.com

Privacy Policy

One thought on “Home

  1. Dear Sir,
    Your email wasn’t deliverable so I thought to connect with you here.
    What’s the difference between “mhoroscope vedic” and “ihoroscope vedic”? I have a Mac Mini and both apps say it’s compatible with the Mac Mini. Although on your Support page here it says that “ihoroscope vedic” is for the iphone and ipad (iOS). Also, are there feature differences between the two apps? I couldn’t discern any other than price.
    Thank you for your reply.


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